Frecuent asked Questions

What are droid parts made of? Resin (Urethane Polymer)

Can the r2d2 parts be fitted for RC (remote control)? Yes they can.

Is there a guide in how to assemble a droid? Yes, a guide can be proivded at no cost

How big are the droids? Lifesize, 1:1 scale.

Can the parts be used with other parts from the Club? Yes

How accurate are the r2d2 parts? very accurate, according to most builders..

Will the parts fit my droid? most likely, specs availble upon request.

Where are the prices? By requesting the price list you automatically sign up for the r2d2parts group, no strings attached, just your name, email, city and country. We hate spamers too.The goal is to have a free "rebel scum" type builders club, with no silly rules and indefinte waiting periods for parts.

How much is for shipping? Please provide a ZIP code (Postal Code), and the list of parts you want.

Are the r2d2 parts in stock ready to ship? Yes they are, except for the larger ones, like the dome and body.

Where do I get the assembly directions for the droid kit? Free assistance is provided whether you buy from here or not.

How hard is to put a droid kit together? Medium difficulty, if you ever did some modeling, is like putting a big model kit together.

How do I paint r2 ? Painting a droid is an artistic task, "wheathering" to your choice is the fun part, that is to make look used and somewhat battle damaged. A color scheme and guideance is offered for free.

Can a kid play with r2d2 droid unit? Assembled droids will withstand some abuse, depending on the builder skills, but it is definitly "playable".

How much does ithe droid unit weight? 70 lbs.

Is there r2d2 RC, electronics and extras available? Yes, upon request.

Are ther any discount , promos or combo prices on the droid parts? Yes, seasonal discount are always available, and also charitable work is always supported.

Is my purchase secure? Yes, it is protected by PayPal.

Do you have other droids available? Yes, R5 are also available.

What are the dimensions of the r2d2 parts? Just like the Club specs, except the body and the dome, they are 18.25" in diameter.

Where do I get metal parts? All the parts offered are resin.

I don't have enough money to buy all the droidparts I need, what can I do? You can buy them in small lots at a time, and also advise is given in how to mkae some of the parts yourself, that way you only buy the more complicated ones in order to save some cash.

Do you take trades? Yes, anything Star Wars, toys, collectables, etc, email for more details.

I have some bad resin r2d2 parts from other supplier, what do I do with them now? You can trade in for some Credit here, but you will have to ship.

What kind of r2d2 builder site is this? This is a FAN site, unofficlal and independent.

How do I order r2d2 parts? just fill the Contact form or email.

Can you assemble a droid for me? Yes, assembly services are sometimes available.

For these or other questons and issues please contact:
r2d2parts@gmail.com or info@r2d2parts.com


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The intention of this FAN site is for every fan to be able to have their very own R2D2 unit.

ALL the information displayed is shared with any fan who ask for it, and the parts are available at a very fair price.

Parts are given away whenever possible.

They are well made and so far a refund hasn't bee made even though is offered.

Every buyer has been 100% satisfied.

PayPal Verified, shop with confidence.