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The most convenient and reliable R2D2 Resin Replica PARTS.

These parts are cast in high resistance resin recreated from standard specifications.

They come cleaned, sanded and primed ready or near ready to aplly the last cpoat of paint  

Shipped via U.S.P.S. or FedEx in protective bubble wrap and cardboard package.

Other parts are available:

- Ankle Bracelet - Ankle Cylinder - Ankle Cylinder Holder - Ankle Wedge
- Body - Battery Harnesses - Battery Box - Booster Covers
- Coin Slots - Coin Return
- Dome - Dome Bumps
- Entire Leg - Eye Lens
- Feet - Foot 3rd - Foot Strip - Front Upper & Lower Vents
- Front Upper & Lower VentsLeg Center Ankle - Leg Stabilizers
- Half Moon - Holoprojector - Horseshoe
- Knurled Hose fittings
- Large Data Port - Leg Strut - Leg Hydraulics - Logic Displays
- Octagon Port
- Pocket Vent - Power Coupling
- Radar Eye - Restraining Bolt
- Shoulder Button - Shoulder Details - Shoulder Hub - Shoulder Flange
- Side Vent - Skirt
- Utility Arms

Robotics avaible: Foot Drives, Dome spin motor, RC Board, Dome Light kits and Remote Sound FX

Email for prices and availibility.






Testimonials from other R2D2 builders.

R2D2 Feature Services


The Data Bank page is a large digital archive where you can find the exact part you are looking for, whether the novice or seasoned R2d2 builder can locate the exact match or that particular missing piece, just browse thru the archive, from diagrams and stills from the movies, to other fellow buliders pics, so you know what is the name and location of the part BEFORE you make a purchase.

example graphic example graphic

We can also assist with the assembly, or offer free advice for other related subjects to your R2D2, R5 or R7 Droid project.


This is a FAN site,the goal for the site is for every fan to be able to build their very own R2D2 droid unit.

ALL the information display here is shared with every r2d2 builder who asks, all the parts are available at all times, without sacrificing the quality, many times parts are given away whenever possible. They are well made .

Every buyer has been 100% satisfied

A portion of the sales are donated to the

American Red Cross


Discounts and Donations on R2D2 parts are offered to

Armed Forces, Noble Causes, Charity and Educational.

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r2d2parts.com is Fan based, completely independent and does not own the character, anything related, or similar, nor is affiliated in any way or form to Lucas Film, Lucas Arts, or its rightful ownership.See Legal Disclaimer ans Terms and Conditons pages for more details.
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